Why RSA Online is a Better Option

Why RSA Online is a Better Option

RSA is the abbreviation for the Responsible Service of Alcohol course of Australia.  It is a must for individuals tasked to serve, sell or distribute alcoholic drinks inside the premises of any licensed venue to obtain their RSA certificate, either through a face-to-face traditional form of training or through an RSA online.  When the differences of the two modes of delivery for the RSA course are laid down, you will certainly identify the main reasons why RSA online course is a better option than the classroom-based one.  These reasons serve as proofs why many of the RSA course trainees these days prefer the online training.

Nevertheless, each state and territory of Australia differs when it comes to the rules and regulations for the completion of the RSA courses.  This makes it necessary for you to identify the requirements of the state or territory you plan to work in.

Why is RSA online a better option?

  1. The training is fairly easy and quick.  Just like most online or E-learning programs, RSA online courses are specifically designed to be in a format that is easy to comprehend and retain, is user-friendly for all types of trainees and to be delivered as quickly as possible.  The shorter time frame does not compromise the lessons and information discussed during the course. After your RSA online course, the knowledge and skills that you gained are valuable in your line of work.
  2. It will only take a day to complete the RSA online course.  Most trainees who went through the course claim that they have finished the course for only 3 – 4 hours in one sitting.  There are even online training providers that grant the certificate and statement of attainment instantly.  This is usually issued within 3 – 4 hours after completion of the course.  Since the course is designed to be informative but quick, a trainee can actually go through the course in the morning then go to work in the afternoon with an RSA online certificate already on hand.  All it takes is your time, a computer and a stable internet connection.
  3. Customer support is available 24/7.  Contrary to what others perceive, RSA online courses from most training providers actually does have a 24/7 customer service line available for all of their trainees.  You can ask help any time you need to.  If you are confused in a particular topic or if you have inquiries, you are free to call and talk with an available instructor.
  4. You can save time and money with an RSA online course.  Why spend loads of time preparing yourself and travelling to attend your training held in a school or institution, when you have the option to go through the course now regardless of the time and your location. You also don’t have to pay for a bus fare or a parking lot.

Clearly, RSA Online is a better option since it is the most practical and the most convenient mode of delivery for you certification.


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