RSA ~ Responsible Service of Alcohol

What is an RSA course?

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course is a training program for casual, part – time and full time employees working in licensed premises in Australia.  All states and territories of Australia adhere to this legal requirement as compliance to the National Health and Safety Law.  Licensed venues generally only hire those who have undertaken the RSA training course, or who will be completing the course within the first few weeks of employment.

RSA was established to educate staff and employees with important strategies and skills to deal with serving patrons alcohol responsibly. Bartenders (bar staff), security and crowd control personnel, waiters, licensees, approved managers and supervisors, volunteers as well as promotional staff are legally obliged to acquire an RSA certificate.  Once you complete the RSA course, you will receive an RSA certificate which allows you to work in a licensed premises. RSA encourages their staff to have a thorough understanding of legal responsibilities to allow them to comply with their legal responsibilities at all times.

Where can you do an RSA course?

There are numerous training providers where you can complete an RSA course. Each state and territory in Australia is guided by a different government body, thus causing each state to have its own legal requirements.  If you want to work in a specific state of Australia, make sure you check the state’s requirements because each state is different. Do a little bit of research and compare different training providers to ensure you find one that is accredited by the necessary authorities.

Who must complete an RSA course?

The state you intend to work in determines those who need to undergo an RSA training course and have an RSA certificate.  All individuals, selling, serving or supplying liquor must complete the course and this generally includes bar staff, floor staff, promotional staff, licensees, approved managers, supervisors and volunteers.

Why do you have to complete an RSA course?

An RSA course was put into place as a harm minimisation mechanism to ensure the safety of workers and patrons in all licensed venues and premises where alcohol is served.

RSA teaches employees the following information:


  • Responsible preparation of alcoholic beverages
  • Responsible service of alcoholic (RSA) beverages
  • How to ensure patrons drink alcohol responsibly
  • How to deal with intoxicated customers
  • How to prevent serving minors alcohol
  • How to refuse alcohol service

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