Every worker in the alcohol industry in Australia needs a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate.   Each Australian state and territory has slightly different requirements for anyone to obtain the RSA certificate, as each of them has its own individual liquor governing body.

In Western Australia, an RSA WA certificate is an essential requirement for any individual working in the liquor industry.   The certificate is granted to persons who have successfully completed their RSA WA training. The course aims to provide the trainee with the knowledge and skills necessary to have a safe and enjoyable environment in the workplace, for themselves and for their customers.

Where can you do an RSA course?

There are many places where you can complete RSA WA course.  You can do this in a face-to-face setting, much like going to a classroom, or do it online, which is the preferable mode for many to suit their individual lifestyle and need. These training providers must be registered or nationally-accredited by the necessary government authorities to make sure your RSA WA certificate is acceptable.

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What is involved in an RSA course?

The RSA WA course teaches the trainees the following demonstrable skills and abilities:


  • How to prepare alcoholic drinks responsibly;
  • How to serve alcoholic drinks responsibly;
  • How to assist a customer affected by their alcohol consumption;
  • How to assist a customer so they drink within acceptable limits; and,
  • Refuse service to a customer appropriately.

Do you have to get an RSA course to work in WA?

Yes, it is necessary to complete an RSA WA course if you wish to be involved in service of alcohol in WA.  It is a mandatory training for licensees, bar staff and supervisory staff who are involved in the sale and service of alcohol.

A supervisory staff member occupying a supervisory position in a licensed establishment needs any of the following certificates as proof of compliance of requirements:

Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITHFAB009A) – National Accreditation

Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol WA (THHBFB09A)

Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol WA (THHBFB09B)

All liquor servers in WA licensed premises have to complete an approved RSA WA certificates, and they may complete the course from a Registered Training Organisation, or, get national accreditation by completing the RSA Online.

What will it cost to complete an RSA course?

A national accreditation completed online can cost anywhere from $60-$100.  However, if you want to get the best deals, shop around to compare prices.  Just make sure your training provider is accredited in Western Australia.

Who has to complete an RSA course?

RSA WA certificate can be completed by any of the following:  bus person, bar attendant, restaurant employee, bottle shop attendant, room service staff,   wine steward, and cellar hand and air hostess.

What if I am under 18?

Since you are not required to consume or serve alcohol while doing the training, you can complete the course even when you are under 18, but you cannot work with alcohol until you have turned 18.

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