RSA Victoria

RSA Victoria

One fantastic way to earn money in Australia is to work in the hospitality industry.  You not only earn some cash, but make friends along the way.  However, for you to go into the industry, you must complete the course on Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) which is a legal requirement across Australia.

Every person who wants to work in the liquor industry in Victoria must obtain an RSA Victoria certificate.  RSA Victoria training course equips learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills in dealing with alcohol responsibly, thereby creating a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. Accredited Registered Training Organisations provide the RSA training course which utilises a unit of competence called SITFAB009A. Let’s take a quick look at where you can complete an RSA Course in Victoria and then have a look at what an RSA Course entails.

Where can you complete an RSA Victoria certificate?

Throughout Victoria, there are many RSA Victoria training providers which offer the course through face-to-face training.

We recommend you checkout a particular Melbourne training provider. They are accredited by the necessary authorities and are the cheapest training providers in Melbourne.

Click here to checkout the training provider we recommend in Melbourne.

If you are looking for a training provider in Sunshine, Geelong, Bendigo or Ballarat then click here to checkout another training provider.

What is involved in an RSA Victoria course?

Everyone involved in the sale, supply and service of alcohol needs RSA Victoria certificate, including all licensees and their staff. RSA Victoria certificate holders mean they have demonstrated skills in dealing with or have understanding and knowledge on the following:

RSA Victoria

  • General facts about alcohol
  • Alcohol and the law
  • Problems associated with
    excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Making sure the staff are responsible for RSA
  • Handling difficult and intoxicated patrons
  • Providing safe environment for patrons
  • Improving the atmosphere of the premises

What will it cost to complete RSA Victoria course?

The cost of completing the RSA Victoria certificate depends on the training provider but it can go anywhere from $50-$80.

Who needs to have an RSA Victoria certificate?

Legislation mandates that all part time, full time employees who work in licensed premises must possess an RSA Victoria certificate.  They include courtesy and bar staff, some security staff, waiters, managers, licensees and floor staff.

What if I am below 18?  Can I still enrol in RSA Victoria?

You can still enrol in RSA Victoria course and obtain a certificate even though you are under 18, but you can only use it when you have reach 18 years old.

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