RSA Tasmania

RSA Tasmania

Responsible Service of Alcohol Tasmania certificate is important for anyone working in the hospitality industry in all states and territories of Australia. An RSA course involves training to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for working in a bar or any licensed business in Tasmania. This knowledge and skills are vital in maintaining a safe environment for workers and patrons.

Anyone who serves and supplies any form of alcoholic drink is required by the National Health and Safety Law in Tasmania to obtain a RSA Tasmania certificate (SITHFAB009A).  Numerous websites continue to claim that Tasmania doesn’t recognise online training. If you do want to complete an RSA training course in Tasmania, be aware that The Department of Treasury and Finances, accept some online RSA courses. You will just have to check with the training provider you choose, whether they are accredited to provide the course online.


Where can you complete an RSA Tasmania course?

There are various Registered Training Organisations that offer RSA courses in Tasmania. There are numerous options, so make sure you have a look around to find a Tasmanian training organisation that suits your budget and location.

What is involved in an RSA Course?

RSA Tasmania will help you become a professional in handling difficult situations that can occur when patrons are intoxicated.  However, their behaviour must be monitored before they even become intoxicated.

RSA Tasmania

An RSA Course will teach you:

  • Strategies to identify individuals whom you should refuse service to
  • Accurate preparation of standard drinks to be able to serve them responsibly
  • Control alcohol intake of customers and patrons
  • Assist intoxicated customers
  • How to refuse service to minors
  • The importance of RSA in Tasmania

Do you have to acquire an RSA certificate to work in Tasmania?

The Australian government and Tasmania’s authorities strictly require individuals who supply, serve and sell alcohol in licensed premises to obtain their RSA Certificate.  To  become an efficient worker, you must have the knowledge about alcohol and its effects, alcohol consumption and the legalities behind it. The RSA course provides you with the rules and regulations of alcohol consumption that you must adhere to.

What will it cost to complete an RSA course in Tasmania?

Registered training organisations are legally allowed to conduct RSA courses (or through face-to-face) and provide RSA Tasmania Certificates.  Generally, the costs of RSA courses are within $60 – $100, depending on the training provider you choose.   However, keep in mind that quality of training and education are not determined by how much you have to pay to finish the course and get an RSA certificate.

Who has to complete an RSA?

Tasmanian regulations require the following individuals to havean RSA Tasmania certificate:

  • Bar staff (bartenders)
  • Concierge
  • Waiters and servers
  • Receptionists
  • Promotional staff
  • Floor staff

What if I am under the age of 18? Can I enrol in an RSA course?

Yes.  The authorities do not specify age restrictions for an RSA course Nevertheless, only those over the age of 18 are allowed to attain employment in a licensed premises in Tasmania.

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