RSA Sydney

Completing Your RSA SYDNEY

To gain employment in a bar or in licensed venues where alcohol is involved, you must complete an RSA course in Sydney and obtain an RSA certificate. This compulsory course provides knowledge, skills and techniques to ensure the safety of all personnel and customers in the venue.

Where can you complete an RSA-NSW certificate to work in Sydney?

RSA Sydney

There are heaps of training providers where you can complete your RSA in Sydney. Because there’s so many different rules, and so many companies saying different things, we sussed out training providers in Sydney to find you some of the best and cheapest.

We recommend you checkout this training provider if you want to complete your training with one of the cheapest online training providers in Sydney. They allow you to complete your RSA online so make sure you check them out. They offer great training and you can do it in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Click here to checkout the face to face training provider we recommend. 

RSA NSW certificates must be acquired from accredited training providers that are approved by The Casino, Liquor and Gaming Authority of Australia.  These training providers, or Registered Training Organisations have undergone stringent, screenings and assessments for them to be recognised and accredited by the government authorities. If you plan to work in Sydney, please be aware that in NSW, particularly in Sydney, only RSA certificates obtained in NSW are accepted.  Certificates from other Australian states are not accepted in NSW.

What is involved in an RSA course?

The main objective of RSA course is to educate staff about safety precautions and procedures they must  follow.  Workplaces that involve alcohol consumption are prone to disturbances and issues that are mostly caused by excessive alcohol consumption.  So as to avoid these situations, all persons working within the bar or licensed venue must complete an RSA Course and be knowledgeable of the following useful information:

  • Strategies on how to deal with intoxicated individuals
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Alcohol related facts
  • How to provide a fun and safe environment for customers and staff
  • Laws behind alcohol
  • Techniques to improve the atmosphere of the licensed venues
  • The importance of RSA in Sydney

Do you have to complete an RSA course and acquire an RSA-NSW certificate to work in Sydney?

Yes. The best way for employees and staff to maintain a safe and secure but fun environment for patrons is to enrol in a Responsible Service of Alcohol course via face-to-face or online training. An  RSA course highlights and informs people regarding their legal obligations and responsibilities when working in a licensed venue.  The Australian government law strictly enforces requiring an RSA – NSW certificate to all individuals who intend to work in a bar, or any establishments involving alcohol distribution and consumption.  Fines and charges can be made against anyone who employs or is employed without completion of RSA course and acquisition of an RSA certificate.

How much will it cost to complete your RSA Sydney?

An RSA Course in Sydney is usually around $120 – $140.  However, the cost significantly varies between Registered Training Organisations that offer the course.

We recommend you check out this particular training provider, they offer quality training and are one of the cheapest online training providers we could find in NSW.

Want to complete a cheap RSA in Sydney?

If you’re wondering why RSA Courses in Sydney cost so much more than any other state than you can thank the NSW government. They charge training providers $70 per person who completes their RSA Certificate in Sydney so training providers have no choice but to charge over $100 in order to cover their own costs of providing the course. If you want to complete the course with an online training provider then we recommend you checkout these guys at Start Me Up Training. They have been approved by the necessary authorities and have a great reputation for offering hospitality training.

Who has to complete an RSA course?

RSA Sydney – The RSA certificate is required by the NSW government.  All employees of licensed premises, full time, part time and casual employees are required to have an RSA – NSW Certificate.   This includes those who work as:

  • Security personnel
  • Servers
  • Bar and floor staff
  • Licensees
  • Approved managers
  • Volunteers and trainees

What if I am under 18? Will I be able to work in a bar or in any licensed venue if I have an RSA-NSW certificate?

Only those who are 18 years of age and above are allowed to work in a licensed premises in Sydney. However, anyone can enrol in an RSA course regardless of age.  This is because providers of the RSA Sydney have not set a minimum age for participants.

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