RSA Sydney Online

Want to complete Your RSA Online in Sydney? You Finally Can. The NSW Government have approved some training providers to offer the course online. We sussed one out for you and made sure they were accredited! Check them out!

RSA Sydney Online

RSA Sydney Online Course

Faster, easier and more convenient

In New South Wales, an RSA certificate is mandatory for people who serve, supply and sell liquor in bars, pubs, restaurants and in all licensed venues. Going through an RSA Sydney course allows you to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary in providing an enjoyable and safe venue for customers and patrons.  Reputable training providers don’t have a specific RSA course Sydney nor a RSA Sydney certificate, but instead, an RSA NSW course and an RSA-NSW certificate which will allow you to work in all cities of New South Wales, including Sydney.

In Sydney, interstate RSA certificates are not accepted.  However, the RSA-NSW certificate is recognized in Queensland and Victoria.  Liquor authorities of QLD may require you to retake a shorter course before receiving employment.  RSA course in Sydney entails a Nationally Recognized Training SITFAB009A –Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol Unit of Competency from the Tourism, Hospitality and Events 2007 Training Package and is accredited by the Australian Qualification Framework.

The RSA course aims to educate the trainees and participants the proper and responsible way of selling supplying and promoting alcohol beverages in line with their duties, workplace responsibilities, “duty of care”, customer service and minimization of harm.

RSA Sydney Online

Where can you complete an RSA course in Sydney?

If you want to complete your RSA Online in Sydney then we recommend you checkout this training provider. They are accredited by the NSW government to offer the course online so definitely check them out.

The training institution must be approved by The Casino, Liquor and Gaming Authority before it is able to deliver an RSA course in Sydney.  RSA course is generally obtained through face-to-face training, but by the end of July 2012, RSA Sydney online was made available.  This was put into place so as to cater interested applicants of the RSA course who don’t have enough time to travel to go through the training in an institution or school.  It also meets the needs of those who intend to attain employment in the liquor industry of Sydney, NSW but is currently residing in a different state or territory of Australia.

Training providers grant statements of attainment and RSA training which is associated with the requirements of VET Quality Framework set out by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Why is it important to get an RSA-NSW certificate to be employed in Sydney?

There are numerous legal responsibilities and obligations that must be followed regarding the alcohol service in Sydney, and all throughout Australia. Therefore, it is a must for employees, staff and personnel to thoroughly understand them and the own exceptional skills to properly deal with them.

RSA course in Sydney ensures that you have deep knowledge regarding (but not limited to):

  • Alcohol related information
  • Alcohol facts and it’s response to the human body
  • Definition of a standard drink
  • How to refuse alcohol to minors or underage consumers
  • Proper way to deal with intoxicated patrons
  • Alcohol’s impact and the response of the community
  • Legal obligations and responsibilities of individuals dealing with alcoholic beverages and liquor

How much does an RSA Sydney online course cost?

The costs of RSA Sydney online course significantly differ between training providers. Generally, it is expected for the RSA Sydney online course to cost around $130 – $140.  RSA course taken in person also has a different price, which is around $120 – $150.

What are the requirements to obtain a RSA Sydney online course?

  • Must be at least 16, however, RSA Sydney certificates are only recognized if the beholder is already 18
  • Thorough understanding of the English language

Completion of the RSA Sydney online course will let you receive the following:

  • Nationally Recognized Statement of Attainment (emailed)
  • Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Certificate (OLGR NSW) (emailed)
  • Wallet-sized card (direct mail by OLGR NSW)

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