RSA Refresher

RSA Refresher

An RSA refresher must be completed every three years for those working in Victoria. If you’re from another state in Aus, and intend to work in Victoria, and you have completed a face to face RSA course from any other states and territories in Australia, you will need to complete an RSA Refresher course for your  interstate RSA certificate to be accepted. Please note: If you have completed your RSA Online in another state then you cannot simply complete the RSA refresher to make an interstate certificate valid, you will have to redo the RSA Course again.

What is an RSA Refresher course?

RSA Refresher course is additional training that updates your knowledge about responsible service of alcohol. The RSA Refresher course is available for all residents in Victoria who must legally renew their Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate every three years.

Additionally, individuals who wish to obtain employment in Victoria, but have an RSA certificate completed in another state (through face to face training) need to complete the RSA Refresher course to enable them to work and serve alcoholic drinks in licensed premises in Victoria.

How can I access an RSA Refresher course?

RSA Refresher course can be complete on the victorian department of Justice Website.

Click Here now to find out more information about completing an RSA Refresher.

Do I have to do an RSA Refresher course?

All licensees, staff and personnel are required to complete the RSA Refresher every three years for their certification to remain valid.

How much does an RSA Refresher course cost?

Online RSA Refresher course is provided by Victoria Liquor Licensing and is free of charge.

How long will an RSA Refresher course take?

Generally, RSA Refresher course is completed within an hour.  Since the course can be obtained online, you are not obliged to complete it within one hour.  Usually you can start the course and complete it in your own time and it is really easy to access the RSA Refresher course.

What if I’ve lost my RSA Certificate?

If you have lost your Victorian RSA Certificate then please contact the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation on 1300 182 457.

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