RSA QLD: Everything You Need To Know

Okay, so you’re looking to work in a venue which serves alcohol? Well no matter where you work in Australia, you’ll have to have your RSA Certificate. We’ll explain everything to you about what you need to know about getting your RSA in Queensland. We’ve also sussed out some RSA training providers who offer the RSA Online. They’re accredited by the necessary authorities so make sure you check them out.

Individuals who want to be involved in the liquor industry in Queensland must have a current Responsible Service of Alcohol Queensland (RSA QLD) certificate granted by a training provider approved by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR).  This is mandatory for anyone in the sale, supply or service of alcohol, whether casual, part time or full time.  This is required by legislation to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all concerned.

Where can you do an RSA QLD?

Throughout Queensland, there are several places you can train in order to obtain RSA QLD.  You can train either face-to-face with a training provider or you can do your RSA online. Whichever training providers you choose, just make sure, that your training provider is accredited by the necessary government agency, the OLGR.

If you want to be head in the right direction we have sussed out some training providers for you to ensure they are accredited. If you want to do your RSA Online which can be a heck of a lot easier then we recommend you checkout a particular training provider. They’re accredited and allow you to complete the course for free and you only pay once you’ve completed the course. Click Here Now to check out the training provider we recommend.


What is involved in an RSA QLD course?

In RSA QLD training, you will be taught the following:

  • How to prepare and serve alcohol responsibly;
  • Identify customers who should not be served alcohol;
  • Properly assist customers affected by alcohol;
  • Assist customers to take alcohol within appropriate limits
  • Understand what constitutes a standard drink
  • How to refuse service of alcohol to minors
  • The importance of Responsible Service of alcohol (RSA) Qld

Do you have to get an RSA certificate to work in Queensland?

Yes, this is mandatory. Anyone who works in a licensed premises in Queensland must hold a valid RSA Certificate. It is a prerequisite for everyone in this industry to assure the public that licensees and their staff understand their obligations to serve alcohol responsibly.

How much is the cost of RSA online or RSA QLD course?

RSA QLD can cost around $50-$90 whether online or in a training venue. What is critical is to make sure you get the course from a training provider approved by the OLGR.  As mentioned before, if you want to complete your RSA Online we found a training provider who offers the course for $49.

Who has to complete an RSA online?

RSA QLD is a requirement for anyone engaged in the sale, supply and service of alcohol,  this includes but is not limited to:

  • All staff involved in the sale, supply and service of alcohol, including but not limited to bar staff,  floor staff and promotional  people hired by the licensee;
  • Licensees
  • Managers
  • Volunteers who have liquor service responsibilities
  • Security guards involved in crowd control at licensed venues

What if I am under the age of 18?

The OLGR does not set a minimum age limit so you can complete the RSA Course even if you are under 18 years of age; however most licensed establishments will not hire minors.

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