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Want to complete your RSA Online? We aim to answer all of your questions about RSA Courses and have tracked down some of the best and cheapest RSA Online training providers for you.

RSA Online

RSA Online

What is an RSA online?

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), is an legal requirement for those wanting to work in the hospitality industry in a licensed premises where they will be serving, selling and supplying liquor.  This course was established to educate and inform those working in the hospitality industry about alcohol and its effect on individuals. RSA courses aim to eliminate the problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption. An RSA Online can be completed through an online training provider. You can complete the course at your own pace and its often cheaper than face to face training.

Where can you complete an RSA online?

Responsible Service of Alcohol online (RSA Online), is now offered by numerous Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) who are approved and accredited by governing bodies.  These proficient e-learning organizations established online training as a way of providing hospitality industry members the RSA online. Nowadays, undergoing an RSA certificate through RSA online courses is becoming very popular, especially for those who do not much have time to attend face-to-face training sessions.

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How much does it cost to complete an RSA online?

RSA Online

The cost of completing your RSA online, depends on the Registered Training Organisation that offers the course.  There are some who offer the RSA online for as low as $50, while there are those who charge almost $80. It is important to be aware of some training providers that offer the RSA online for a very low cost, they may not be approved by the government bodies and necessary authorities.

Why do I have to complete an RSA online?

RSA certificate acquired through successful completion of an RSA online is a mandatory requirement according to the National Health and Safety Law of Australia.  RSA online aims to minimise the risk of harm present in most licensed premises, and to protect patrons from consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and prevent the rise of alcohol fuelled violence.  RSA online emphasises the legal responsibilities and obligations of management and the staff.

Can I complete an RSA online course before 18 years old?

Generally, if you are under the age of 18 you are allowed to complete an RSA online as you are not involved in the service or consumption of alcohol. I would just encourage you to contact your chosen training provider to ensure you can complete your RSA online with them. Please note that most states will not employ minors to work on a licensed premises, but you can get your RSA when you’re 17.

Which States accept an RSA online certificate?

Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and NSW  are the states in Australia that accept Responsible Service of Alcohol online certificates. The ACT and Tasmanian Governments have approved some training providers to provide the RSA Online however you will need to check this with the particular provider as to whether they are approved in the ACT or Tasmania.

Can you complete your RSA Online in NSW?

Yes. You can now complete your RSA Online in NSW. The NSW government have introduced a 12 month trial period for individuals to complete the RSA Online in NSW, however there are only certain companies who are allowed to offer the course online – not all online RSA Training providers are accredited to offer the course online so make sure you check they are accredited by the necessary authorities.

Can you complete your RSA Online in Victoria?

No. You cannot complete your RSA Online in Victoria. The Victorian government have made it clear that an RSA Online will not be accepted by the liquor licensing authorities in Victoria. If a company tells you, you can complete your RSA Online in Victoria – then run a mile because you have to complete it face to face or you won’t be able to legally work in a licensed venue.

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