RSA online – Why it’s important to have an RSA Certificate

RSA online – Why it’s important to have an RSA Certificate

One of the certifications and qualifications in Australia required among those who work or intend to take on a career in the industry that involves the selling, service, delivery and supply of alcoholic beverages or liquor is the Responsible Service of Alcohol.  Responsible Service of Alcohol, simply known as RSA, is an important course mandated by the Australian law to      help all members become more responsible and mindful of all matters dealing with alcohol consumption.

RSA online training or through face to face is essential since it promotes awareness of excessive alcohol consumption among Australian communities.  This is, indeed, utmost important in this country, for alcohol plays a significant role in their culture and way of life.  Somehow, with RSA online, community members start to learn important facts regarding alcoholic beverages and liquor.  If you work in a bar, pub or any licensed venue that involves service and consumption of alcohol, commotions can possibly rise anytime, thus, it is necessary that you know to handle yourself consciously and aware of your rights as a responsible handler of alcohol.

Since RSA is legal document charges and fines can be pressed over you and your employer if caught serving alcohol without owning an RSA certificate.

To own an RSA certificate, one must successfully complete an RSA course from any reputable training provider in Australia.  These legit training providers or Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) went through multiple accreditation processes so as to receive approval from the governing authorities to conduct RSA online training and grant RSA certificate.   Nowadays, RSA online is made available by these RTOs wherein any trainee can complete the RSA training using their computer and internet connection.  RSA online is a flexible and versatile option for those who aim to acquire an RSA certificate but don’t have enough time to go to an institution to attend a face-to-face training and also those who are currently residing outside Australia or in a different state or territory.

Every state and territory in Australia has their own liquor authorities, thus requirements for RSA training also differ.  RSA online certificate is valid in Queensland, WA, NT and SA.  RSA online certificate, although with a limit, still does widen your career opportunities, for it allows you to work in multiple states and territories, unlike the traditional setting wherein you can only work in the specific state or territory where you have accomplished you RSA certificate.

With RSA online, you have the opportunity to complete the course right at your own home, at your own preferred time and pace, with no pressure at all.

RSA online course will teach you:

  • Alcohol & the Law
  • Problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption
  • Whose Responsibility
  • Facts About Alcohol
  • Improved Atmosphere
  • Handling Difficult Customers

Individuals with the following occupations are generally obliged to obtain an RSA certificate, RSA online course (but not limited to):

  • Room Service Staff
  • Bus Person/Bussy
  • Cocktail Bar Attendant
  • Cellar Hand
  • Sommelier (wine steward)
  • Food and Beverage Attendant
  • Glass Collectors
  • Bar Attendant
  • Host/Hostess
  • Bottle Shop Attendant


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