RSA Online Victoria

Want to complete your RSA Online in Victoria?

Unfortunately you can’t complete your RSA Online in Victoria. The Victorian Government have not approved the online course in Victoria so you will need to complete it face to face. We found the training provider who offers one of the cheapest training in Melbourne and allow you to complete the course for free and only pay when you pass so click here now to check them out.

What is a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate?

Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate in Victoria is an vital certification required among those who work within the alcohol industry.  This particular document is required under the Victorian state liquor laws.  According to the legislation, all employees must acquire an RSA certificate, not only the first line bartenders and servers but also the managers, supervisors and owners of licensed establishments.  This is to protect the customers by providing a safe environment for them at all times, and to educate staff and employees of the skills and techniques they need, so as to work in accordance with their legal duties and obligations.  RSA Victoria Certificate specifically aids them in the following:

  • Appropriate ways to deal with intoxicated consumers during threatening situations
  • Liquor and alcohol facts
  • Signs of Alcohol intoxication
  • Legal laws behind liquor or alcohol service, delivery and retail
  • Illegal service of alcohol to minors

Where can I obtain and RSA certificate in Victoria?

Depending on your preferred state or territory to work in and your course budget, RSA Victoria certificate can be acquired from any of the multiple training providers existing in Victoria.   Every state and territory of Australia has their own legal requirements for the RSA course, thus it’s a must to know what you need to have on hand before enrolling in just about training provider.  It’s also necessary that you choose the one that is accredited by the proper governing authorities of Victoria, so as to own a valid RSA certificate that will help you land a job in the hospitality industry.

We recommend you checkout a particular training provider if you’re looking to complete your RSA Certificate in Melbourne. They offer the cheapest course and they can also help you get a job when you complete the training so click here now to checkout the training provider we recommend.

How much does it cost to obtain the RSA Certificate?

An RSA Victoria certificate varies between training providers.  Nevertheless in between most reputable training providers, the course costs around $50.00 to $70.00.

Can I complete an RSA Online course in Victoria?

Currently, the liquor legislations behind the RSA in Victoria don’t recognize an RSA online course.  However, an RSA Online Refresher Course is available.  This refresher course is specifically designed for those who have gone through an RSA course before and wishes to receive work in the hospitality industry of Victoria.  This particular course serves to update their knowledge and skills in terms of responsible service of alcohol.