RSA Online Course

RSA Online Course

Know your Legal Responsibilities with

an RSA Online Course

You may have heard about an RSA online course, and be aware that anyone who wishes to work in a licensed premises, will be required to complete an RSA certificate.

What is an RSA online course?

An RSA Online course aims to address the problems that a lot of countries have in regards to excessive alcohol consumption.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) online course is a training program that educates staff, employees and all personnel working in an environment where alcoholic drinks are consumed. It aims to teach people about; the important facts about alcohol, its history, and its harmful effects on our health and body.

If you complete an RSA online course, it will help you to identify signs of alcohol intoxication, determine patrons and customers who are in danger, and how to prevent disputes and disturbances that could arise due to alcohol intoxication.

An RSA course will also educate you of your legal obligations and upon successful completion, you will obtain an RSA certificate.

Where can you complete an RSA online course?

There are many Registered Training Organisations in Australia that can provide an RSA online course.  However, not all of these training providers are accredited by the necessary authorities so make sure you choose your training provider carefully. When looking for a training provider for your RSA online course, take a look at the requirements of the states you plan to work in, for each state and territory of Australia has their own set of requirements and not all states accept the RSA Online Course.

We did a little bit of research for you to find a training provider who is accredited to offer online training, and offer cheap prices. We recommend you checkout this online training provider, as they are well known in the industry and were one of the cheapest RSA Online training providers we could find.

How much is an RSA online?

Most training providers of the RSA online course charge $50 – $90 for their course. We found a training provider who charges only $49 for their RSA Online course so definitely check out this training provider.

Should I complete the RSA online course or use a face to face trainer?

There are two ways you can complete an RSA certificate. First is through an RSA online course and the second, is through face-to-face training.  These days, however a lot of applicants prefer to take an RSA online course because you can complete the course whenever you like and at your own pace and often the course is cheaper.

Here are the benefits of completing an RSA online course:

  • No need to spend time traveling, parking and extra money to attend face-to-face courses.
  • You can generally finish the course anytime and anywhere you prefer.
  • You don’t have to finish the course in one sitting.
  • Easy and fast learning process.

Can I complete an RSA online course before I’m 18 years old?

There isn’t really an age limit for anyone who wants to complete an RSA online course, but generally you have to be over the age of 16. Just take note that most states and territories in Australia don’t employ anyone below the age of 18.

Which States and Territories in Australia accept an RSA online course?

Queensland, WA, NT and South Australia are the only states in Australia that accepts RSA certificates obtained through an RSA online course. That said, ACT and Tasmania do accept some online RSA courses however you need to check with the specific provider you choose to see if they have been approved by the necessary government authorities in these states.

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