Broad knowledge of alcohol and how it affects our body and overall health is a must for the staff and employees of licensed venues to help protect  the members of their community.

This is what prompted the Australian government to require a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate for all individuals working in a bar and in all workplaces that involve alcohol consumption.  RSA course educates awareness of the growing alcohol problem in New South Wales and across all states of Australia.

If you want to work in any licensed business or bar in New South Wales (NSW), you have to complete your RSA NSW certificate.


Where can you complete an RSA NSW certificate?

You can complete your RSA Certificate at numerous training providers throughout NSW.

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Just be sure to check that the training provider is accredited by the NSW government to provide the training. Each state and territory of Australia is governed by different legal authorities, thus the requirements for various states also differ.  RSA NSW certificate is the only RSA certificate accepted in NSW.  It doesn’t recognise RSA certificates obtained outside the state of NSW.

Are you sure you can complete a NSW RSA Online?

Yep you definitely can. The NSW government announced in June 2012 that they were going to trial online RSA training for 12 months to see if it provided great training. So completing your RSA Online in NSW is not a problem at all – in fact it is a lot easier and a lot cheaper than completing face to face training so definitely checking this Online RSA training provider who offers the cheapest course in NSW.

Why do you need to have an RSA-NSW certificate?

Most people who intend to work in Australia for the first time may not be aware of the RSA course importance.  RSA NSW certificate is a legally required document mandated by Australia’s government authorities.  If anyone is caught working or hiring without an RSA NSW certificate, fines and charges can be laid as it is a breach of the law.

What is involved in RSA course training?

All employees of licensed businesses must be aware of the legal obligation and responsibilities they must abide by when on duty.  Responsible Service of Alcohol NSW training educates employees of the following:

  • Standard drink definition
  • Alcohol definition and its health effects
  • How alcohol affects the community
  • Prevention of alcohol intoxication among consumers
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Identification of alcohol intoxication
  • Appropriate behaviour in dealing with, and refusal of service to, an intoxicated individual
  • Importance of an RSA NSW certificate

How much will it cost to complete an RSA training course?

Training providers set their own fees and charges for the RSA course.  The cost of acquiring an RSA NSW certificate varies between accredited providers.  There are many RTOs who offer an RSA course, so the competition in this industry is high, thus RSA courses can cost from $110 – $140.  It is important that you choose an accredited and recognised training provider to ensure your certificate in NSW is valid.

Who needs to complete an RSA course and have an RSA NSW certificate?

Those who plan to work in NSW must have an RSA NSW certificate obtained in NSW itself.  This is mandated by law and anyone who fails to adhere, (employees and employers) may be legally charged.  The RSA Course includes:

  • Staff and personnel involved in the distribution of alcohol, from supply, sale and service
  • Promotional staff hired by companies
  • Licensees
  • Supervisors and approved managers
  • Volunteers and those who are under training

What if I am under 18?  Can I still do an RSA NSW certificate?

Everyone has the opportunity to enrol in an RSA training course, even if you are under the age of 18.  The downside is that, most states in Australia, especially NSW, strictly uphold the law that underage and minors are not allowed to attain employment, and this is strictly applied, in venues and premises where alcohol is served.

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