RSA Gold Coast

Complete Your RSA on the Gold Coast

It is compulsory for individuals engaged in the sale and service of alcohol on the Gold Coast to possess a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate. This is obtained only after successful completion of the RSA Course in Queensland.

Where Can You Complete RSA training on the Gold Coast and receive the certificate?

The certificate is granted by approved training providers of the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR). The certificate is mandatory to ensure that employees of the liquor industry on the Gold Coast possess the proper knowledge, skills and strategies of serving alcohol responsibly in licensed premises. This is to ensure that customers, patrons, and all workers present in the licensed venue are continuously provided with a safe and secure environment.

We recommend you checkout this online training provider who offers the accredited course for Gold Coast Residents. We have checked to make sure they are accredited by the necessary authorities and allow you to pay for the course after you have completed it.

Taking the course online is great for those who are already employed and want to save on time, money and effort. They can take the course in the comfort of their homes or office anytime especially that they can log on or off whenever or wherever they want to and return to where they last left. For an RSA online on the Gold Coast, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. The course can also be taken at internet cafe/stations, most of which are now open 24/7. Most training providers offering online RSA courses usually have assistants to guide enrollees so they are able to complete the course on time or as required.

RSA Gold Coast

What is involved in the course?

An RSA course educates trainees with knowledge, strategies and techniques they can use so as to provide alcohol service responsibly. It includes how to deal with difficult or unruly patrons, preventing minors from imbibing alcohol, refusing service to patrons who have already consumed more than enough alcohol, definition of a standard drink, alcohol-related facts, and keeping the overall atmosphere of the licensed premises safe for everyone.

Do I Need to Have the RSA QLD Certificate to Receive Employment on the Gold Coast?

A licensee and its entire staff engaged in selling and serving liquor are obliged to complete an RSA on the Gold Coast, and then receive an RSA Queensland certificate. This includes floor managers, bartenders, door and room service staff and others performing related tasks. These staff members are required to successfully accomplish the RSA Gold Coast course within 30 days after start of employment. We recommend you checkout this training provider who offers the course online.

When will my RSA certificate expire?

The RSA-Queensland certificate expires after three years thus must be renewed after that period. Licensed premises and employees caught by investigators, serving alcoholic beverages to customers, without the legally required or expired RSA certificate will face stiff penalties and charges.

RSA Gold Coast Course

How much does it cost to complete the training for RSA on the Gold Coast?

RSA Queensland Course is relatively affordable. The cost ranges from $50-$120.

I’m below 18, Can I still be employed in Gold Coast?

OLGR Act of 1992 allows minors to be employed in bars, restaurants and other licensed premises since it does not specify a minimum age limit. However, this depends on your would-be employer since there are employers who do not employ persons under 18. Some establishments allow people underage to work in a bar however they are only allowed on the premises 15 minutes before and after their shift.

If you are below the age of 18 and have found a venue that will allow you to work on the Gold Coast, you must obtain your RSA certificate – which you can do before you are 18 years of age.

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