RSA Certificate Online

RSA Certificate Online

RSA Certificate Online – A Legal Requirement in Australia

What is an RSA Certificate online?

According to the National Health and Safety Law of Australia, all individuals associated with the distribution, supply and service of alcohol, must acquire an RSA Certificate Online or face to face.

Excessive alcohol consumption has long been a problem that affects all ages in the Australian community. In order to deal with the problem, the Liquor Harm Minimisation Act was amended by the Australian government in 1996.  Along with this act, Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Amendments were put into place to provide employees of the hospitality industry with the proper training, skills and knowledge that will help them recognise alcohol intoxication, appropriate measures to prevent alcohol intoxication and how to refuse service to an intoxicated individual.

A Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate obtained through an online or face to face training session signifies that the holder is fully equipped with the skills to work in all licensed premises in Australia.   However, an RSA certificate online is only accepted in Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.

An RSA Certificate online will educate you about the following:

  • Alcohol legislation
  • Accurate measurement of standard drinks
  • Drink driving issues
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Signs of alcohol intoxication
  • Dealing with intoxicated individuals
  • Strategies to serve alcohol responsibly

Where can you acquire an RSA Certificate Online?

An RSA Certificate online can be acquired from accredited Registered Training Organisations in Australia.  Every state and territory in Australia have its own state legislation, therefore it is important to determine the requirements of the state you plan to work in.  If you want to complete your RSA Online then we recommend this training provider. If you want to complete your RSA face to face then checkout this training provider.  These training providers are excellent trainers with great locations that offer their services at a reasonable cost.

How much does it cost to complete an RSA Certificate Online?

The cost of an RSA certificate online course vary between Registered Training Organisations.   Generally, an RSA Certificate online will cost between $50 – $90. It is important when choosing training providers that you find one to suit your location, your budget and make sure they are approved by the necessary authorities.

Why do I have to complete an RSA Certificate online course?

Completing an RSA Certificate is a legal requirement if you want to work in the liquor industry. If you want to gain employment or any position in the hospitality industry that involves service of alcohol, the RSA Certificate is a requirement you must complete.

Can I obtain an RSA Certificate online before I’m 18 years old?

Most states in Australia allow anyone under 18 years of age to complete an RSA certificate online. However, it is a legal requirement of these states not to allow underage and minors to serve liquor or any form of alcoholic drinks. (There may be an exception in Queensland – however you need to check this with the employer you want to work for)

Which States accept an RSA online certificate?

After successful completion of an RSA Certificate online, participants will usually receive two certificates, an OLGR (Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation) Certificate and a NSA (National Statement of Attainment) Certificate.  OLGR is accredited in Queensland; NSA is accepted in WA, NT and SA. Just double check this with the specific training provider you choose, to make sure the RSA Online Certificate is accepted in your state.

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