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Everything You Need To Know About RSA Canberra

The Responsible Service of Alcohol Canberra course is an important requirement for all individuals involved in selling, supplying and serving liquor.  Successful completion of your RSA Canberra certificate will entitle you to work in any licensed premises of Canberra.

The RSA certificate is offered by numerous training providers.  The RSA course can be completed with any Registered Training Organisations as long as they are accredited in Canberra and in ACT.  Only RSA certificates from accredited training providers are recognised and accepted in Canberra and if you fail to have the right RSA Certificate you can find yourself in lot of trouble with liquor licensing in canberra.

If you aim to work in a bar or in any licensed venue that serves alcohol, an RSA course, is a legal requirement.  This mandatory requirement will enable you to obtain employment and will give you an advantage when applying for a job.

Where can you obtain RSA training in Canberra?

RSA courses can be obtained from various RSA training providers.  When searching for a training provider, make sure you find one that suits your location and your budget.  To avoid confusion about which of these RSA Canberra training providers are the best choice, we recommend you checkout a particular Canberra Training provider. They are located in the city centre and have a great reputation.

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RSA Canberra

No matter, who you choose as your training provider be sure to check whether the training provider is approved and accredited by the necessary authorities because some training providers are actually not approved by the necessary authorities.

RSA Canberra

What is involved in an RSA course?

An RSA course aims to provide a fun, but safe environment for the workers, patrons and customers. An RSA course in Canberra will teach you the following:

  • How to ensure patrons have the right identification
  • Responsible service of alcoholic drinks.
  • The importance of RSA in Canberra and the effect it can have on the community
  • How to assist patrons to consume alcoholic drinks moderately
  • How to prevent intoxication in patrons
  • Thorough understanding of alcohol and how it can affect our body and health.

Do you have to get an RSA certificate to work in Canberra?

RSA courses can be completed through RSA training online and face-to-face. Getting an RSA certificate is important if you intend to work in a bar or any licensed venue that involves alcohol consumption. An RSA certificate is a mandatory requirement under Australia’s National Health and Safety Law.  This certificate is required in Canberra and in all states and territories of Australia, as this will ensure that workers and all employees are aware of their legal obligations on how to serve alcohol responsibly.

Completing an RSA in Canberra – How much will the RSA cost?

Every RSA training provider charges different prices for RSA courses.  Most of them are able to offer the RSA training for around $80 – $100. We found a training provider who offers great training in Canberra so click here to check them out.

Who needs to complete an RSA course?

RSA certificate is required in all states and territories of Australia for all employees and staff including those who:

  • Work in the sale, supply and service of alcohol
  • Bar and floor staff
  • Promotional staff
  • Security personnel handling crowd control
  • Licensees
  • Approved managers and supervisors
  • Volunteers with alcohol service responsibilities

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