RSA Australia

RSA Australia

What is an RSA course?

A responsible service of alcohol (RSA Australia) course is aimed to provide training to those who are in the hospitality industry and serving alcohol to consumers. It is a legal requirement in every state in Australia that anyone serving, selling or supplying alcohol obtain an RSA certificate.

Where can you complete an RSA in Australia?

Hundreds of training providers in Australia offer the RSA course and it can be complete either face to face or you can complete your RSA online (in certain states).  It is really important to ensure that the RSA certificate you complete is recognised in the state you wish to be employed because each state has different requirements. There are numerous registered training organisations that are able to offer great RSA training at a reasonable cost and great location so make sure you do a little bit of research to find the best training provider for you.

We did some of the legwork for you to make sure you complete your RSA Course with an accredited training provider who offer great training and a great price. If you want to checkout the training providers we recommend click here now.

Who has to complete an RSA Australia course?

RSA Australia

RSA online suits those who are working within the following areas:

  • Bar attendants
  • Cocktail bar attendants
  • Restaurant employees (who serve alcohol)
  • Floor staff
  • Crowd control personnel
  • Supervisors
  • Managers

Why do you have to complete an RSA Australia course?

Acquisition of the RSA Australia certificate is an imperative requirement for all members working within licensed venues that serve alcohol.  RSA course allows them to have the much needed knowledge and tools to act within their legal responsibilities. Attending an RSA course ensures that you are knowledgeable in the following:

  • Strategies used in dealing with intoxicated individuals
  • How to maintain a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for the patrons, workers and community
  • How to prevent excessive alcohol consumption
  • Importance of RSA in Australia
  • Alcohol related facts and information on its effects

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