RSA Australia Online

RSA Australia Online

Be a Responsible Bartender with an

RSA Australia Online Course

What is an RSA Online?

RSA Australia is a training course for those employed in the hospitality industry that are involved with the service and supply of liquor.  The Australian government’s National Health and Safety Law mandates that every individual must have completed their RSA Australia to work in a licensed venue.

Completing an RSA Australia online course will provide you with important information about the importance of the responsible service of alcohol. It will discuss the following;

  • The effects of alcohol on our health
  • The signs of alcohol intoxication.
  • How to prevent alcohol intoxication
  • Techniques on how to handle intoxicated individuals
  • How to refuse service of alcohol to minors

All staff and personnel hired to work in a workplace that involves alcohol distribution must hold an RSA Australia certificate.

Where can you complete an RSA Australia?

RSA Australia Online

There are numerous training providers all throughout Australia that are able to offer RSA Australia online or face-to-face. Each state and territory in Australia have its own legal requirements, so when you’re looking for an online training provider, it is important to know the legal requirements of the state  you plan to work in. If you are looking for a face to face training provider we recommend you checkout this training provider. If you are looking to complete your RSA online, then checkout this training provider.

How much does it cost to complete an RSA Australia online?

Each RSA Australia course offered by reputable training providers varies in cost.  Most of the time, the RSA Australia online course is between $50 – $80, depending on the training provider you choose.

Why do I have to complete an RSA online?

The Australian government’s National Health and Safety Law made it a legal requirement for those working in a licensed venue to obtain a RSA. It was developed to help prevent excessive alcohol consumption and to prevent minors from consuming alcohol.

If a person fails to complete their RSA, penalties and charges can be imposed on both the employer and employee.  This is what makes completing a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate so important.

Can I complete an RSA Australia online before I am 18 years old?

Anyone who wishes to acquire an RSA Australia can enrol in the course even if they are under the age of 18, however most states in Australia do not employ anyone below 18 years of age to work in a workplace where alcohol is served.

Which States accept an RSA online certificate?

RSA Australia online certificates are accepted in Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. Both Tasmania and the ACT allow some training providers to provide the RSA Online, however you need to check this with the specific RSA training provider you choose.  Both NSW and Victoria don’t accept RSA online certificates under any circumstances so make sure you don’t complete your RSA Online if you want to work in NSW or Victoria.

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