RSA Adelaide

RSA Adelaide

Any person working in the business of serving alcohol must possess a certificate in Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA).   While there is no specific ‘RSA Adelaide’ certificate courses available, it is necessary for you to complete the  Nationally-accredited RSA training if you plan to work anywhere in the State of South Australia. The course is compulsory. It aims to provide trainees with the necessary knowledge, understanding and ability to deal with alcohol and its use responsibly, deal with patrons consuming alcohol and inform them of the potential effects of alcohol.

RSA Online

Where can you do an RSA Adelaide course?

You can get the National Accreditation from various locations in South Australia, including Adelaide.   You can do the RSA Adelaide course either online or through face-to-face instruction. It is completely up to you how you opt to complete the training. Just make sure you consider the cost, location and factor in travel time if you want to complete it face to face. You may opt to take the course online as many do nowadays for various reasons, like saving time, money and effort, and the opportunity of doing the training from the comfort of your home or office. The training provider you select, though, must be accredited by the relevant government body for your RSA Adelaide certificate to be recognised. This is why we did a lot of the legwork for you and found a training provider who offers the RSA Adelaide course online.

We recommend you checkout a particular training provider. They offer great prices, are accredited by the necessary authorities and we have spoken to the directors of the company directly to make sure we trust them to recommend to you. Click here to checkout the training providers we recommend.

What is involved in an RSA Adelaide course?

RSA Adelaide provides licensees and staff engaged in the liquor business with the abilities and understanding to do the following:

RSA Adelaide

  • Prepare and serve alcoholic beverages properly
  • Encourage patrons to consume alcohol responsibly
  • Assist patrons who have over consumed alcohol
  • Decide when to refuse service to certain patrons

Do you have to get an RSA course to work in Adelaide?

Considering the importance of understanding the effects of alcohol on people and the legal responsibilities of those who serve, supply or sell alcohol, you have to get your RSA Adelaide certificate. This aims to teach those in the liquor industry  how to deal with difficult or intoxicated patrons,  teach responsible drinking,  refuse alcohol to minors, improve the atmosphere in the venue, and overall,  deal with difficult situations.

What will it cost to complete the course, RSA Adelaide?

The cost of RSA Adelaide and Nationally Accredited training providers vary; it is generally between $50-$100.  Check out each training provider though to get the best deal.  And do not forget to select the training provider that is accredited by the government body in charge of approving RSA training in Adelaide.

Who has to complete an RSA Adelaide course?

RSA Adelaide certificate is mandated by legislation for part time and full time workers who come in contact with consumers and work in licensed premises, among them

  • Bar staff
  • Floor Staff
  • Security staff
  • Waiters  and waitresses (who serve alcohol)
  • Managers
  • Supervisors

What if I am under 18? Can I complete an RSA Adelaide course?

When you complete the RSA Adelaide certification, you are not required to consume or serve alcohol so you can do it even before you are 18.  However, you can only be employed in the liquor business when you turn 18.

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