Completing Your RSA Online in QLD

Taking The RSA Online: QLD Raises The Bar In Service And Safety

Building a career in the tourism and hospitality industry can be rewarding and fulfilling. The market for leisure establishments such as bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafes and recreation venues is continuously growing. Business experts confirm that even during the darkest and most challenged periods in the economy, bars and restaurants remain strong and remain virtually scathed. It’s a career path that offers the best of both worlds: a vibrant, dynamic work environment in a stable, solid industry.


A shot at bartending

One of the most coveted positions in this field is that of the bartender or bar attendant. There will always be an opening for skilled bar staff no matter where you are in the world. In Australia, bar attendants enjoy as much as a 17 percent increase in salary per annum, according to the Hoteliers Magazine. A lot of the positions are also on a casual or part-time basis, allowing pockets of opportunities for people who want to gain entry in the industry.


A toast to safety and responsibility

Before you start sending out your resume to the hottest bar in town, make sure to review first if you have the basic qualifications for the job, according to the state that you are in. Most places require persons who serve, supply and sell alcohol in commercial establishments to have a certificate called Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). You could enrol in a course that allows you to complete the training for RSA online. QLD, NSW, WA, SA, NT and ACT all accept RSA certificates acquired through an accredited online provider, while Victoria and Tasmania only accept certificates completed through class training.


Cheers to mutual benefits

Ensuring compliance with RSA certificates benefits both the staff and the business. For a licensee, an RSA equips them with updated skills and knowledge on safety procedures that establishes their professionalism and help them deliver better service to their patrons. The lessons in accredited RSA curriculum focus on providing practical applications that are crucial in preventing alcohol-related emergencies or difficult situations that may arise.


Meanwhile, for an establishment, investing in employing professionals with the right training can help the community in reducing violence, driving violations or crimes that often occur when people mishandle or abuse alcohol. Ensuring safe and secure business premises and attending to the well-being of customers is a mark of a true, world-class leisure and recreational venue — a place people would want to come back to again and again.

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