Completing Your RSA Course in Melbourne

Choosing The Right RSA Course: Melbourne Hospitality Professionals Toast To World-Class Service

Bartending is usually depicted as one of the most glamorous jobs in the world. Imagine reporting for work every night to a party, right? But there’s more to bartending than mixing a good drink. In fact, hospitality experts say that having the ability to come up with a well-blended beverage is only a very small part of the job. Good bartending requires you to juggle not just jiggers of whiskey but also the various roles you are expected to uphold: serving customers, interacting with them (whether through a conversation or a life-affirming nod), and making sure of their safety and well-being while inside the bar or pub’s premises. Forbes Magazine, in a recent article, even said that a bartender is even expected to wear multiple hats: actor, bouncer, psychologist, friend, executive.

In Australia, there are skills and qualifications that help workers wanting to enter the industry as bar attendants, waiters, bar staff and the like prepare for the highly competitive job market. For instance, some states only consider a bar attendant as qualified if they have the right certificate level in a Hospitality course. Some places offer on-the-job training opportunities, while others strictly require it as a minimum qualification so it’s important to know the list of requirements that apply to the area or establishment you’re looking at.

Another important qualification you should invest in is completing the RSA course. Melbourne pubs, just like most of the more than 8,000 pubs and taverns in Australia, will ask you for a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate before you can apply for a job because it is a basic requirement for every person serving, selling or supplying alcohol in the seven states of Australia. In Victoria and Tasmania, you can obtain your RSA certificate only by attending a classroom-based course, while you have the option to take and complete it online from an accredited provider when you’re in the other states.

A growing number of professionals choose online training as these usually allow them to complete the class work at their own pace and schedule. However, remember that not all training providers are equal. Choose one that is nationally accredited by the authorities and highly recommended by leading independent reviewers. You don’t have to enrol in the most expensive or most popular course; what you need to make sure of is that the fee is reasonably within your budget and the content is applicable to the laws and regulations of the state you plan to land a job in. Obtaining skills and knowledge from a quality RSA training provider presents multiple benefits: It can help you gain entry in the hospitality industry. It can allow you to do your job better and ensure top-notch service and safety for your patron. It can even allow you to save lives when necessary, as you ensure that customers drink responsibly.

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