Complete Your RSA Online

Obtain your certificate by completing your RSA Online

These days, several certifications and qualifications are made available online.   Successful completion of these online trainings and E-learning programs can also be applied in a wide variety of uses, especially in the hospitality industry of Australia.

Responsible Service of Alcohol course, simply known as ‘RSA course’ is a mandatory program imposed by the liquor authorities of Australia.  This course is required from individuals who are responsible in serving and selling liquor or alcohol in different licensed venues, such as bars, clubs, restaurant, grocery stores and liquor retail outlets. Those who work around alcohol consumption and those who wish to take on a career in the alcohol and liquor industry may comply with an RSA course by enrolling in one of the numerous reputable training institutions of Australia.

The course may be completed as an RSA online course or as a classroom-based learning session.  RSA online is the most popular option for most because not only is it more affordable, but it is convenient, self-directed and gives you more freedom in the way you want to complete the training. Generally, in most online courses such as the RSA online, trainees have the privilege to go through the training according to their own preferences. It’s up to them how, where and when they want to do the course.

If you are pressed with time, busy with work, juggling your appointments here and there or you just do not have that much time to spend travelling to attend your training in a school or institution, you may opt for an RSA online, wherein you can go through the training an hour after work, on weekends or whenever you have the time to.

For small companies and business, online courses allow you to obtain in house online training program which could greatly affect the team work and cooperation of your staff and employees.

In the long run, opting for the online course can save you time and money, since:

  • Retention of the course content is greater
  • The course can be squeezed in between regular shifts or workload
  • The course can be completed as fast or as slow as you want to since there is no time limit
  • No physical costs, no trainer wages, and no printed materials shall be asked from you
  • The course is accessible anytime and anywhere in the world you are and will let you take breaks in between where you can just log back in without losing any previous data.

How successful the online training is greatly depends on its provider and the key lessons of the training.  Online training providers in Australia set-up specific software meant for individual participants and another one that suits group participants or small businesses.  Generally, training from reputable e-learning websites produce much better results than small businesses that purchase their own training for their own RSA online certification.

Put in the RSA online course as an example, which is a legally required training in all of the States and Territories of Australia.  Several e-learning courses are available online, which are all developed by Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) that issue an RSA certificate online and group trainings for both small and big businesses.

Nevertheless, there are also other organizations and corporations that continuously go through several accreditation processes to become an RTO and be recognized by the authorities to conduct RSA online training for their own employees.

If you are alone and you need to obtain the course, you will receive the same results from an RSA online training and from one that is delivered face-to-face.  With the numerous training institutions you have to choose from for your RSA online course, it is best to be sure that you get your RSA certificate from one that is recognized by the appropriate liquor authorities of your own state or territory.

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