Working In A Bar

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Working In A Bar

Want To Work In A Bar?

Just a Few Things You Need to Know…

Working in a bar can be a lot of fun and can be a really exciting place to work. You get to meet so many people on a daily basis and you will often meet regular customers, and build relationships with people that come into the bar. It is also a great opportunity to make new friends, not only from regulars but from all the awesome people you work with.

The kind of experience you will have when working in a bar is completely dependent on the kind of job you have. So you might be a bartender, waitress, barback, glassy, promo staff or even a bouncer. Each have different responsibilities so that will impact on your the experience you have.

For example – If you’re a bartender you’ll help people enjoy their night, you might have someone slip you their phone number and you’ll almost definitely have to deal with drunks. If you’re a glassy, you get the chance to mingle with people on the floor and if the boss isn’t looking, you can have a cheeky dance on the d floor. But sometimes you’ll get caught in a crowd having to squeeze through picking up other people’s mess and rubbing up again sweaty bodies (sounds appealing huh?).

So you can see that every persons experience of working in a licensed premises is going to be different. No matter what, you’ll have your good days and you’ll probably have your bad. Now before you start working in a bar, make sure you complete an RSA Course to make sure you’re compliant with liquor licensing. If you want more information about completing your RSA then make sure you checkout our main site.

Now, at some stage you will come across a rude or unhappy customer and it is always good to adopt the philosophy that the “customer is always right”. Whether you agree with them all not, treat them courteously and try and deal with their problem. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it. If necessary seek the help of a supervisor or manager if you feel you can’t deal with the issue.

HOWEVER, from my experience of working in a bar, if a person is overly rude or you deem them to be intoxicated then you have the right not to serve them. You do need to have a reason but don’t put up with drunk people trying to be difficult and are just being rude. When serving alcohol it is up to the bartender to ensure that they serve alcohol responsibly – If the person is intoxicated you have every right to refuse them alcohol and it doesn’t matter how much they complain. Just find a manager or seek the help of a security guard if you don’t feel comfortable dealing with them. You have a little more power when you’re a bartender as opposed to other industries to refuse service – just make sure you don’t abuse the power or you may not keep your job for very long.

Finally, working in a bar can be a lot of fun. You will have times where it will be tiring and customers will annoy you but overall you’ll have a place where you get to make drinks, make friends and dance a little (if you’re in a nightclub) so it’s definitely a job worth pursuing.