Staying Safe At Nightclubs

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Staying Safe At Nightclubs

How to Stay Safe at a Nightclub

There’s nothing like a night on the town to shake away the stresses of the week. A good evening on the dance floor, in particular, is a wonderful way to unwind, meet new people and burn off a few unwanted calories. Not all nightclub patrons, however, are there for the music and the dancing. The sad fact is that many clubs also attract people with sinister and harmful motives. How can you and your friends stay on the safe side of these dangerous elements?

Watch your Drink

The disturbing reality about contemporary nightclubbing is that drinks spiking with “date-rape” drugs is all too common.  The only way to avoid falling into the clutches of these spiking predators is to watch your drink like a hawk. Never let it out of your sight, even to use the bathroom. Cover your drink with your hand when negotiating crowded sections of the club. Never accept drinks from strangers, and always ensure that you have a full view of the bartender mixing and preparing your orders.

If you feel you’ve been spiked, it is essential that you inform the management staff of the venue as soon as possible. Symptoms of drinks-spiking include nausea, dizziness, disorientation, sudden lethargy, poor reaction times and a loss of inhibition.

Binge Drinking is Dangerous

You don’t need to have a spiked drink in order to be vulnerable at a nightclub. Often, a few ill-advised shots of tequila are all it takes. Know your drinking limits and stick to them. Irresponsible drinking – or binge drinking, as it is often referred to – will cloud your ability to make reasonable decisions with regards to potential danger. Excess alcohol will impact your awareness of the hazards around you. It will also inhibit your reaction time, thereby making it difficult to get out of a sticky situation.

Watch Your Stuff

Losing a phone or an iPod hurts hard. If you don’t want to fall victim to theft in a nightclub, keep your valuables with you at all times.  It also helps to limit the number of valuables you bring out with you. Does it really make sense to hit the clubs with your iPad in tow; or to bring along your most expensive wallet or handbag?

Make sure to keep a little cash on you in case your things are nabbed. Tuck away some emergency money in a discreet hiding place, like one of your shoes. This will make sure that you have enough money to cab it home.

Make it Home in One Piece

Always ensure that you have the phone number for a reputable taxi company on hand – even if it means tucking it in your shoes with the rest of your “emergency money.” Be careful not to get into any unregistered “fake” cabs. Steer clear of drunk drivers!

It also helps to hit the clubs in a group. Large numbers have been proven to dissuade the most determined of opportunists. Stick together and keep your eyes on one another. Having friends at hand will help if you fall foul of drink-spiking, excessive drinking or theft.