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The Responsible Service of Gambling in Australia

If you are looking for work in the gaming industry, it is important to qualify for a Responsible Service of Gambling certification. This is mandatory for all employees working in the gaming areas of casinos, bars, clubs and other approved venues. Much like its sister qualification, the Responsible Service of Alcohol, this course teaches gaming personnel how to manage the various social implications of problematic gambling in the country.

The RSG ensures that gaming workers uphold the principles of the regional Code of Practise. This system seeks to promote responsible gambling by establishing certain practices that should be adopted by registered gambling providers in the area.

RSG learners must learn to identify the effects of problem gambling. Often, an irresponsible approach to gaming can result in immense financial losses for the gambler. Adverse personal effects include frayed relationships with one’s family and friends. Gambling can also diminish a person’s work performance and also result in wider, social costs.

The RSG course teaches students about the promotion of responsible gambling. They show learners how to create and manage physical environments that uphold responsible gambling policies as stipulated in the local Code of Practise. Such environments provide clear information with regards to the potential risks of unfettered gambling. These come in the form of messages and signs that are usually placed near ATM machines and other gaming apparatus. Safe gaming environments also provide child care facilities.

All gaming personnel should know how to deal with clients suspected of irresponsible gambling. The RSG provides clear instructions on how to effectively communicate with such individuals. The gaming venue in question should be in constant contact with support services to assist anyone suffering from the negative implications of problem gambling. It is also the responsibility of the personnel to exclude problem gamblers from the gaming floor, and to also remove anyone displaying signs of overt intoxication.

The RSG provides template protocols on how to manage and document problem gambling situations. The gambling provider’s staff should keep up-to-date on all bad gambling-related incidents. Records should be maintained with regards to the offending party’s name and address, as well as the date and time of the incident in question. All of this information must be kept private out of respect to the patron.

Gaming workers can take the RSG course within six months of being hired by an approved venue. The certificate, once it is awarded, is valid for three years. Many RSG courses are offered online for the convenience of learners living in rural areas. If, however, you would benefit more from classroom learning, browse online and look for an accredited organisation in your area that offers a quality RSG/RSA course.

Often, the RSG and RSA courses can be done together. Note that certain courses differ depending on the state in which you want to work. Unfortunately, RSG courses are not transferrable between states. Take the time, then, to research courses per state. If, for instance, you live in Queensland but want to work in New South Wales, make sure to sign up for the NSW accredited course, which is offered by Training Course Professionals. All courses are relatively affordable at sixty dollars.