Make the Best Caipirinha

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Make the Best Caipirinha

How to Make the Best Caipirinha

Inject a little samba energy into your next dinner party with a round of refreshing Caipirihnas. This is the national cocktail of Brazil; the star of the sweltering streets of Rio de Janeiro and the colourful madness of the annual Carnival. Its key ingredient is cachaca, local sugar cane hard liquor with spicy aromas resonant of Caribbean rum. The liquor is muddled with sweet lime, sugar and piled with ice. It’s a refreshing antidote to hot day, but be warned – this little drink packs a strong punch.


The most popular story about the history of the Caipirinha comes from the alleyways of Sao Paolo in 1918. Back then, it wasn’t a cocktail, but a home remedy to combat the scourge of the Spanish Flu. It consisted of cachaca, lemon, garlic and honey. In fact, it is still used as a natural medicine for the common cold in Brazil.

According the Carlos Lima, the Executive Manager of the Brazilian Institute of Cachaca, the Caipirinha came into being people gradually started substituting lemon for lime and sugar for honey. Then, the garlic made a welcome exit, after which, came refreshing blocks of ice. And thus, the Caipirinha morphed from a flu remedy to a revitalising – and intoxicating – way to beat the Brazilian heat.


This drink is quick and easy to make. If you’re an aspiring bartender, the “Five Second Caipirinha” will be just the thing to get your foot in the door at a variety of great bars and restaurants. If you’re entertaining and looking for something different to impress your guests with, this sweet and summery cocktail is ideal. Here’s what you need for one serving:

1 lime

2 tablespoons of sugar or 30ml of syrup

60ml of cachaca


Cut the lime into eight wedges, and place into a strong-bottomed rocks glass. Note that you can use other fruits for a bit more variety. Popular accompaniments to the lime include raspberries, pineapple, watermelon and tangerine. You can also include herbs for a more complex cocktail. Cilantro, mint and even basil have proven to be good partners.

Then, add the sugar. Use a muddler to squish the fruit and sugar together. You want the end result of the muddling to look like a slushy blend of sugar and fruit juice. The muddling process is a crucial step in the making of a delicious Caipirinha, as it extracts all of the lovely flavours that give the drink its zest.

Then, add the ice. Crushed ice is best for a Caipirinha, as it melts easily and assists in the quick distribution of flavours. After this, pour in the cachaca, place a mixer over the rocks glass, and shake for five to ten seconds. Once you feel the mixture is perfectly blended, pour everything back into the rocks glass, garnish with a slice of fresh lime, and enjoy.