Getting A Resort Job

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Getting A Resort Job

How to Get a Job at a Resort

Are you serious about a career in hospitality? Do you want to travel the world? Why not apply for a job at a resort? A resort job is a great way to develop a range of marketable skills, meet interesting people, and more importantly – pay for your adventures abroad. Due to seasonal nature of the job, the turnover rate is consistently high. This means that there are a wide range of resort options to choose from, from beach hotels to ski retreats.

Before You Apply

Think about the kind of work you want to do. Go on the internet and research a range of resorts and locations. Discover how specific resort companies run their operations, and what their overall aims are in the hospitality industry. This information will help you match your skills to the best available position.

What kind of personality do you have? If you’re fun-loving, outgoing and personable, consider a job that allows you to work closely with guests. How about a stint as an entertainment rep or customer service liaison? If you’re more introverted and prefer to work alone, go for something a little more behind-the-scenes. This includes housekeeping, or work within the IT sector.

Promote Yourself

Once you’ve chosen your position, market yourself accordingly. Resort managers love to hire people who are attentive to detail and highly organised. Allow your own personal sense of organisation shine through in your CV, which should be neatly formatted and well-written. Your sense of dress should also reflect this in the interview stage of the proceedings. Leave the jeans and the T-shirt at home! Managers are not only looking for immaculate grooming (for both men and women) but will also be highly critical of what you wear. Opt for a business-casual look when interviewing – black is always a fail-safe option.

In most aspects of hospitality, communication is vital. Show that you are an affective communicator in the interview by speaking clearly. Make eye-contact when talking to your interviewers, and be politely friendly at all times. Often, managers will phone you to organise an interview time, so ensure that your telephone manners are up to scratch.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Most resort jobs will train you after the hiring process is complete. However, certain skills will help you stand apart from the competition. Many resort managers are impressed by second language skills. If you can speak another (usable) language fluently, you’ll easily be able to find work in the customer service sector.

If you’re serious about working in hospitality and want to specialise, consider going for a training course before you apply for a job. Bartending and barista courses often go down well. If you want to become a resort chef, invest in a good, intensive cookery course. Such specialised skills will make you indispensible to the resort.

Don’t be afraid to use your own travel experiences to your advantage. Managers like hiring people with some travel under their belts, as it shows that they are flexible and adaptable enough to work with people of other cultures.

 It’s easy to look for resort jobs. Simply go online and browse the listings on sites like and Alternatively, look for an agency that operates in your area and sign up with them. With a bit of perseverance – and savvy – you’ll be able to land that dream resort job in no time.