Getting a Pub Job

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Getting a Pub Job

How to Get a Job in a Pub

A successful career in the pub industry is what every bartender desires. Prosperous pubs can very lucrative. A good pub job is also flexible and is perfect for students who want to work part-time. It’s also a great option for regular employees who simply want to spend more time with the family. Pub work is a great way for young travellers to earn money on the road. Due to all of these reasons, pub careers are popular and competition for a good position is fierce. How, then, to stand out from the crowd and secure a job in a pub?

Train your Brain

Pub employers are more inclined to hire people with training. Moreover, you can only get a job in a pub after having completed an RSA course. This training, called the Responsible Service of Alcohol, is a mandatory program for anyone looking to work in a bar. In fact, you can’t legally work in a pub without having completed the course. Thankfully, it’s easy to do an RSA. There are many online courses that can be done via correspondence. Also look to any TAFE-accredited training organisation.

What about the ins and outs of actual bartending? Look to a good bartending school. Here, you’ll have the chance to master all of the intricacies of successful drinks mixing and service. Not only will this training give you the hands-on skills to master any cocktail on the menu, but it will also show you how to properly manage a pub. This includes cleaning, financial management, and some important advice on how to deal with unruly patrons.

Meet the Right People

It also helps to make friends with people in the industry. Frequent your favourite watering-hole and chat to the staff if they’re no too busy. This will give you some insider information on how to make it in the bartending profession. Always remember to tip them well and contribute to the positive atmosphere in the bar. Who knows? You might end up in an interview for a job.

Observe what is around you in the bar. Watch how bartenders put together their drinks, and find out what to do – and what not to do. Find out how bartenders manage and keep track of orders – is there a system in place to make sure the bar runs smoothly? By honing your observations skills, you’ll discover a range of on-the-job tricks that will stand you in good stead come interview time.

Look Sharp

Before going for an interview, examine the style of the pub at which you want to work. Try emulating that style in the way you dress. If you’re gunning for a position in a family-friendly pub, aim for a look that is wholesome and slightly conservative. If you’re aiming for a job in an edgier, artier type of pub, experiment with a range of looks that’ll suit the vibe. Dive bars and rough-around-the-edges pubs should be complemented with a similar look – don’t be afraid to look tough!

Interview Preparation

Managers don’t want sour faces behind the bar counter. They are looking for people who are upbeat, cheerful and have the personality to keep customers coming back. Be confident in yourself and enthusiastic about bartending. Remember that pubs look for workers who are flexible with their time, and who are prepared to take on a host of responsibilities behind the bar. It also doesn’t help to be a shrinking violent. Managers want assertive staff to handle some of the more hazardous aspects of the job, like rowdy clients.

Pub work can be fun and exhilarating if you’re up to the task. It’s definitely not for everyone, though. You need to be prepared to invest plenty of time, energy – and sleeping hours – into those first few months on the job.