Essential Bartending Equipment

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Essential Bartending Equipment

Essential Bartending Equipment

Do your Martini’s lack that certain “WOW” factor? Are your Singapore Slings more like Singapore Slumps? It’s all fine and well to have a good understanding of drinks, whether straight up, mixed or blended. But, if you don’t have the right equipment, your bar will always fall short of professional standards. Here, then, are some indispensible bartending tools.

Shaker Set

Every good cocktail is reliant on a professional shaker set. The Boston Shaker set is a vital component of every bar, and consists of a 500ml stainless steel mixing glass with a core cylinder that overlaps its edges. It’s also possible to invest in a Standard Shaker, in which a 500ml glass is accompanied by a smaller metal cap that doubles up as a measuring vessel. The latter shaker can be purchased from most home stores.

Wine and Bottle Openers

In order to pop open bottles of wine with panache, invest in a Waiter’s Wine Opener. This portable opener is sleek, streamlined, and can perform many different functions. It consists of a corkscrew and small, sharp blade for the cutting of cork covers. It also has a bottle cap opener for the quick and efficient preparation of beers and other bottled drinks.


The Hawthorne Strainer is a popular professional tool that is used to separate ice from cocktails. It is a flat, fan-shaped device, with a spring coil that surrounds its outer edges. You can attach it to the tops of shakers or to bar glasses. Another well-loved item is the Julep Strainer, which is bowl-shaped with a handle that fits tightly to the rims of glasses and shakers.

Jiggers and Pouring Spouts

If you’re just starting out in bartending, and are unsure of your free pour, measure your drinks with a good jigger. This nifty device ensures that the right amount of liquor is extracted from the bottle with every pour. The smaller end of the jigger usually measures single tots of 30ml, with the larger end pouring 60ml. Once you’ve mastered the art of the perfect pour, look to getting stainless steel spouts for your bottles. These tools will help you ensure the accuracy of your pouring stream.


A high speed blender is essential for those delicious icy daiquiris and margaritas. It takes the functionality of the humble shaker to a whole new level, and the creative possibilities are endless.

Mixing and Measuring Spoons

Every bartender needs something to properly mix those tall highball drinks and cocktails. A long-handled spoon is perfect for stirring and blending all of those drinks before service.   Other types of spoons can measure the perfect quantities of spirits and liqueurs. They can be purchased in sets made from plastic or stainless steel.

Juice Squeezer

Say “no” to juice from cartons and make your own at the bar. A good juice squeezer will guarantee the freshest lemon, lime, cranberry and orange mixers, giving extra zing to your Pina Coladas and Cosmopolitans.

Soda Siphon

Soda water from bottles tends to be rather flat and lifeless. Ensure that your drinks are consistently fizzy with a soda siphon. This piece of equipment takes bottles of regular water, and injects them with carbon through a pumping action.

Other bar counter essentials include a pestle, for the perfect muddling of fruit and herbs, and a sharp paring knife for the preparation of fruity garnishes. Important details include the ample supply of napkins, coasters, swizzle sticks and straws. All of these tools will turn your humble bar into a truly professional establishment.