Equipment For Working in a Bar

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Equipment For Working in a Bar

Equipment You Need to Know

When Working in a Bar

To be a great bartender and become an expert , it is essential for you know the most important equipment used in a bar.  Great service can be provided if you know as much as you can about working in a bar. The most important equipment includes cocktail shakers, Boston shakers, Hawthorne strainers, Jiggers, Bar spoons, Muddlers and Speed Pourers. In the image on the right we have a cocktail shaker, boston shaker, hawthorne strainer and a jigger.

Cocktail Shakers – also known as Traditional shakers.  This shaker is made of metal with a tight-fitting top that covers a strainer, which then fits onto a bar tin.  There are a lot of cocktail shakers available in different styles and designs, most bars have traditional shakers and you’ll quickly learn what kind of shaker is your favourite.

Boston Shakers – this type of shaker comes with a 16 ounce mixing glass and with a large, flat bar tin as the bottom.  Professional bartenders prefer to use this shaker because of its dual purpose.  Its most popular use is to stir ingredients over ice using the glass alone and sometimes, the two pieces are used to shake ingredients with the bar tin fitting over the glass.  A strainer is needed when using a Boston shaker.

Hawthorne Strainer – this bar equipment is used for drinks that are shaken and stirred with ice.  It is metal-made equipment, with a flat top and a continuous wire running along the insides of the perimeter.  The main purpose of the strainer is to separate the ice and any solid ingredient that came from the fruit or herbs used when mixing.  Hawthorne strainers are used with a Boston shaker because the shaker itself doesn’t come with any built-in strainer.  The short handles or the 2” to 4”extensions on the top of the sides of the strainer are intended to keep it in place. Hawthorne strainers are great equipment for bartenders who work in a crowded environment serving multiple customers at a time.

Jigger – one important piece of bar equipment that ensures a consistently accurate measurement of liquor ingredients to any shooter or cocktail drink is a jigger.  A jigger is a metal-made bar equipment composed of two cones on both ends.  The larger cone can hold up to 30mls of liquid while the smaller one can hold only 15mls.

Any alcohol consumer can identify how skilled and trained the bartender is, and it all depends on how well the bartender handles a jigger.

Bar spoon – a bar spoon is not the same as any regular spoon.  It is longer and can reach the bottom of a highball and a tall glass. A bar spoon comes with a spiral handle (for shafts to be twisted and opened easily) and a petite spoon bowl with holes so that it can eventually float easily.  This type of spoon is more commonly used in drinks that require stirring and layering.

Bottle Opener – a bottle opener is just as the name suggests.. a tool that opens bottles. Make sure you find yourself a good one because if you work in a busy bar you’ll be opening bottle after bottle. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is be using your hand to open bottles – you’ll end up with scratches all up your fingers… and after bottle number 101 it starts to hurt.

If you want more information about using equipment then it’s a great idea to complete a Bar Course. Don’t forget you also need to complete an RSA Course and get an RSA Certificate if you want to work in a licensed venue. If you need more information then checkout our main site about completing an RSA Certificate.