Easter Cocktail Recipes

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Easter Cocktail Recipes

8 Easter Cocktail Ideas

The Easter break is the perfect time to set up the picnic table and get set for a lazy, indulgent lunch or boozy brunch. And what better way to make the most of the holidays than by whipping up some original and seasonal cocktails? These nifty drinking inventions are perfect for relaxed, easy daytime drinking. Here are eight of the best Easter cocktails.


This timeless brunch favourite gets better with age. A mimosa is the perfect accompaniment to a peaceful brunch in the garden. Simply mix together some white sparkling wine and orange juice. Serve in slender champagne flutes. If you want to diverge a little from the traditional recipe, why not substitute orange juice with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

Jam Cocktail

Strawberry jam is an essential topping for those creamy Easter crumpets. Now, you can drink your favourite tea-time treat in the form of a cocktail. A jam cocktail is made up of raspberry jam, lemon juice, ginger ale (or citrus soda) all garnished with a sprig of thyme. For inventive presentation, serve in a jam jar.


This is another classic daytime treat. It’s light, clean on the palate and refreshing enough to suit any time of day. Mix up some St. Germain with white sparkling wine and two parts soda water. This cocktail is known for its attractive rosy hue, which works well when presented in a Collins glass.

Freshly Pressed

This zesty, juicy cocktail conjures all that we love about Easter: wholesome (sort of), fruity fun. The ingredients are gin, grapefruit juice, lime juice and grapefruit bitters. It will definitely add zing to any Easter party. Serve in a martini glass for added sophistication.

Pimm’s Cup

Pimms devotees rejoice! Your favourite bitter is here, and looking better than ever. Enjoy an afternoon on the porch with this elegant English cocktail. The starring ingredient is Pimm’s No. 1, of course, complimented with dry ginger ale, cucumber, lemon, mint and plenty of ice. It’s bound to pick you up, even on the laziest of afternoons.

Kiwi Cobbler

This delightful cocktail is as good as it sounds. It’s an original highball made from fresh chunks of kiwi, mint, sugar, vanilla and wait for it… tequila! Simply put the kiwi chunks into a sturdy glass and muddle slightly with the other ingredients. Top off with lots of ice and soda water. This is the ultimate garden party cocktail.


Fancy a bit of Italian flavour to your Easter party? Why not try this time-honoured favourite? You and your friends will be transported to the grandeur of the Venetian Grand Canal with a single sip. It combines the romance of Italian dry prosecco and the flowery flavours of delicate white peach. Serve in a flute glass.

Campari Squeeze

Looking for more Old World magic? How about some fun with Campari? This zesty and vibrant bitter cocktail combines Campari with red grapefruit juice. Add some club soda or citrus-flavoured soda to the mix, and you have a heady drink that’s perfect with or without food.

So, in preparation for your Easter party, stock up the fridge and set up the deck chairs. These cocktails will guarantee a magical afternoon.