Curbing Drink Driving

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Curbing Drink Driving

How to Curb Drink Driving

Drink driving control in Australia is strict. But despite this, there are still disturbing annual statistics that point towards alcohol related car accidents and road deaths. In fact, the overwhelming majority of road accidents last year were related to drivers being over the legal limit. However, drunk driving is something that can be easily avoided. Here are some of the ways in which you can curb drinking and driving.


It goes without saying for every group of friends looking to paint the town red, there should be one designated driver. He/she is responsible for keeping the car keys in check, and for avoiding alcohol at all costs. This system has proven to be very effective in curbing alcohol-related car accidents. It also ensures that everyone in the group gets a safe ride home with a responsible, sober driver.

Take Action

Don’t let the people around you put themselves at risk. Stop anyone who is drunk from getting behind the wheel of a car. This applies to your friends, acquaintances made at parties and even strangers. Be pro-active. Confiscate their car keys and call a cab, even if they are driving a short distance. Of course, doing this might make you feel like an interfering nanny – but actions like these have been proven to save lives.

Be Aware of BAC

BAC refers to blood alcohol content. Each country has its own set of limits as to how much alcohol should be in a driver’s blood. For Australia, it is strictly set at 0.05 BAC. Anything above this legal limit has the power to strongly impair a driver’s ability to operate a car safely. Research shows that drivers who are even slightly above the 0.05 limit are twice as likely to cause accidents. These accidents occur as a result of an impaired ability to judge distances and respond to external stimuli.

In order to stick to the limit, drinkers must know how much is enough. Male drinkers (who have a better ability to metabolise alcohol) should only have two standard drinks within the first hour of drinking. Women should only stick to one drink in that initial hour. Of course, if you plan on driving, it’s better to not drink at all.

Cab Drivers are Your Friends

If the designated system has fallen through – don’t take a chance. Be safe and call a cab to ensure that you get home safely. Always keep some money aside for emergency cab calls, and make sure that your address is clearly written out on a piece of paper for the driver to read.

Host a Slumber Party

If you’re the host of a party, why not invest in an inflatable mattress and invite your friends to stay over? It’s a good way to keep them off the roads if you feel they’ve taken in a bit too much. Lure them in with snack and movies! This is an effective and potentially fun way to ensure that nobody takes the chance of driving home inebriated.

These are just some of the measures you can take to ensure that drunk drivers stay off the roads. With a bit of co-operation from your friends and family, these tips will ensure that those tragic accident statistics are reduced to zero.