Curbing Alcohol Abuse

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Curbing Alcohol Abuse

How to Curb Alcohol Abuse

For most of us, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as that first drink after a week of hard work. In fact, many people who use alcohol in safe and responsible manners find a spot of weekend drinking to be a harmless pastime. However, for other people, alcohol is an insidious drug that gives rise to many dangers and problems. People who abuse alcohol often experience problems in both their social and professional lives – not to mention a range of potentially fatal health issues. How, then, to curb alcohol abuse?

Be Aware

Educate yourself about the possible triggers that give rise to the irresponsible use of alcohol. Often, excessive drinking arises from emotional issues. The loss of a job, the death of a loved-one, divorce and trauma are the most common factors that send people off to the bar, wanting to “drown their sorrows.” If you think you’re pre-disposed to this type of drinking, an awareness of the triggers will help you know when to stop.

Find the Right Role Model

Combatting alcohol abuse can be difficult when you’re flying solo. If always helps to have a mentor or friend on hand for assistance. Often, a good role model will provide all of the motivation and support to help irresponsible drinkers kick the habit – especially when times get tough.

If you think you have a friend who may need some outside assistance with regards to drinking, be a good role model yourself. Adopt responsible drinking practices for your friend to follow. Make yourself available to talk and comfort your friend at all hours of the day. Don’t be afraid to gently confront a friend you think may be abusing alcohol.

Set Personal Drinking Limits

Learn about a “standard drink.” This is nationally recognised “unit” of alcohol, and what should constitute a single serving. In Australia, 100ml is a single serving of wine; 30ml applies to all strong spirits, and 375ml refers to all standard medium-strength beers.

According to health legislation, you shouldn’t be drinking more than four standard drinks a day. Moreover, healthy drinking habits dictate that men shouldn’t consume more than two standard drinks daily, while women should limit themselves to one. Use these limits as a guideline when reigning in your own drinking.

Monitor Your Current Intake

If you think you may be abusing alcohol, why not keep a Drink Diary? Outline how much alcohol you consume on a daily basis. Take note of how many drinks you have per day, including the type of alcohol involved, and where you actually carry out your drinking. A good diary spans three to four weeks, and covers all drinking activities from Monday to Sunday. Contrast these results with the standard drink limits outlined above.

Other Measures

When you’re in the safety of your own home, you’re less likely to monitor how much you drink. Limit how much alcohol there is in your home to avoid temptation. Also, don’t swig your drinks back. Sip them slowly, as this will reduce the urge to have more. Also, make sure that you eat a good meal before drinking recreationally. You’re less likely to binge drink if your stomach is full.

These are tried-and-true methods to curb alcohol abuse. By drinking responsibly, you’ll be avoiding many of the risks associated with binge drinking. Your health will also stay in good shape!