Cruise Ship Bartending

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Cruise Ship Bartending

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship

Have you ever dreamed of a life at sea? Imagine a career that allows you to spend your day surrounded by breath-taking seascapes across the world; that grants you access to some of the most thrilling port cities of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Pacific. If that sounds like your dream job, then consider a career on a cruise ship. Not only does cruise work provide you with great travel opportunities, but it also gives you some essential skills in the hospitality industry.

Types of Cruise Jobs

Depending on your level of expertise, there is something for everyone on a cruise ship. Do you have a background in entertainment? Consider working as a DJ, a performer, a host/hostess and even a photographer. Service jobs are also widely available, and positions extend from wait staff to retail to hotel maintenance. It’s also possible to work in personal care. Experienced massage-therapists, manicurists and cosmetologists will find plenty of work aboard a luxury cruise ship. Fitness instructors, lifeguards and even nurses are needed, as well as deck and engine workers – such as electricians, plumbers and deckhands.

Before You Apply

Before you jump right in, think carefully if a cruise ship job is for you. The setting of a luxury cruise liner may seem glamorous, but the work is usually far from that. The hours are long – sometimes 14 hours a day for a 7 day work week. Privacy is usually minimal, and you’ll have to be patient and flexible to ensure you get along with the rest of the crew. After all, it’s not like you can “run away” from a job that’s based out at sea!

If you feel you’re up to the task, then plan your application shrewdly. Target a specific position; don’t just simply apply for “any job available.” Research cruise companies and choose the one you feel will best suit your skills. You might be asked to relay your knowledge about cruise companies in an interview.

Ensuring Your Application is Successful

Contact a cruise company or recruitment agency, and send them your well-written and impressive CV. Write a cover letter explaining why you think you’re the person for the job. Successful applicants will be granted interviews – the perfect time to let your skills and personality really shine through! Cruise companies are looking for hard-working, outgoing and adaptable staff. Be confident and friendly – and always opt for a business-casual look over the jeans and T-shirt. Show that you are not afraid of hard work and have the Emotional Intelligence to succeed in a people-driven industry.

If you’ve made the grade, a letter of employment will be sent to you. This will include information on the cruise ship on which you’ll be based, including information about the date and place of embarkation.

Skills that Stand Out

The turnover rate for cruise jobs may be high, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few indispensible skills on hand. These include language skills, as communication in the cruise ship industry is vital. A second language – like Chinese, for instance – will make you stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. It also doesn’t hurt to have a CPR or lifesaving certificate. Bartending and RSA qualifications will also stand you in good stead.

By sticking to this advice, that cruise ship job is but an application away. Good luck and BON VOYAGE!