Classic Cocktail Recipes

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Classic Cocktail Recipes

Five Classic Cocktail Recipes

Nothing makes a great party like a good, classic cocktail. Whether it’s a crisp martini, a fruity pina colada or sexy Tom Collins, a fun cocktail hour is just the thing to kick off a memorable dinner party, or wind down at the beginning of the weekend. Here are five of the best cocktail recipes out there, inspired by languid summer days and hot nights.


This Cuban favourite is as refreshing as it gets. It can be enjoyed on the porch on a hot summer day or, if you’re lucky enough, at the beach. Classic mojitos consist of ten leaves of mint, four wedges of lime, sugar, soda water, and that all-important light rum.

Take a strong, thick-bottomed glass and fill it with the mint and two of the lime wedges. Use a pestle to lightly muddle these ingredients, gently releasing the oil from the mint and the juice from the lime. Add two more lime wedges after muddling, as well as two tablespoons of sugar. Lightly muddle this into the mix – take care not to overdo it!

Now for the important part: top the mixture with 30ml of white rum and add ice. Fill this mix with carbonated water, right to the top of the glass. Stir, put on some Buena Vista Social Club, kick back and enjoy.

Tom Collins

This timeless classic conjures stylish Manhattan nights and retro flair. It is made from gin, lemon juice, sugar, soda water and a garnish of maraschino cherry.

Pour 30ml of gin into a highball glass. Add an equal part of lemon juice and 15ml of sugar syrup. Top the glass with ice cubes and stir thoroughly. Top with club soda and add a juicy red maraschino cherry for that finishing touch.


Get the party started with this Mexican wonder. These days, it is popularly served in frozen form, and makes for a delightful summertime pitcher. Just get together a tin of frozen lime concentrate, 180ml of top quality tequila and 60ml of triple sec. This pitcher serves four people.

Blend all of the ingredients together with plenty of ice. The consistency should be perfectly smooth. Then, serve in traditional margarita glasses, but not before garnishing the rims with some all-important salt.

Long Island Iced Tea

This potent 70s mixture is as refreshing as it is intoxicating. It is reliant on the union of the Five White Spirits – tequila, white rum, vodka, gin and triple sec.

Grab a tall glass and fill it with 15ml of each of the white spirits. For a bit of tang, add 15ml of sour mix as well as some ice. Stir or shake vigorously. Top this blend up with a refreshing dash of cola and garnish with a twist of lemon.


This flirty urban favourite is the go-to drink for a Girls Night Out. Mix 30ml of vodka (citrus-flavoured) with 15ml of Cointreau, 50ml of cranberry juice, a splash of lime juice and plenty of ice. This drink must be shaken thoroughly. Strain and pour into an elegant martini glass, and garnish with a twist of lemon or a wedge of lime.

Try out these recipes and wow your guests with your bartending flair. Remember that the better the quality of your ingredients, the better your cocktails will be. So get shaking!