How to Choose the Best RSA Course Provider

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How to Choose the Best RSA Course Provider

Useful Tips in Choosing the Best

RSA Course Training Provider in Australia

Before any person can work in any bar or pubs that sell or serve alcohol in Australia, it is required for that person to get trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course and get RSA certificate.  Obtaining RSA certificate has been made relatively easy nowadays that most states and territories in Australia have allowed and started to accept RSA online courses.  Online training for RSA course can be acquired from a reputable RSA course training provider.

The problem the enrolee faces then is how to select the best training provider for your RSA.  A search in websites can do the trick but what to look for is what is important.  Here then are some tips to help you find a great RSA course training provider:

  • Quality of training.  This is vital because you get only what you are given.   Poor quality training will give you equally poor training and will not give you your money’s worth. You might end up finishing the course with more questions than answers.
  • Cost of training.  You should be able to balance cost with quality of training.  You might get what you pay for in training where the cost is cheap.
  • Time of training.  It really takes time to learn the principles in RSA course and the techniques and strategies, so beware of service providers that give the training in a very short time.
  • Service support. This is equally important in online courses.   In face-to-face training, the instructor immediately answers queries, so, in online training, there should also be a staff to assist enrolees not only in their queries but in making sure they understand and pass each topic.
  • Personal recommendation.  Recommendation by friends and colleagues who have themselves undergone training in a certain institution can help you choose the best RSA training provider.  Recommendation by your employer or employer to be is quite an option since it is to their advantage if you are well-trained.  Knowing that you are taking time to look for the best trainer will make you look good since it means you want not only to do your job but to do it well.

Moreover, a great RSA training should:

  • Give you the confidence to serve alcohol responsibly to your patrons.
  • Spot underage drinkers or somebody who had too much to drink already.
  • Show you techniques and strategies in handling drunken patrons.
  • Enable you to effectively work both with management and staff.
  • Create techniques to alternatives to prevent problems from arising.
  • Realize the benefits to your employer when serving alcohol responsibly to patrons.