Attain employment in licensed venues with an RSA online course

Attain employment in licensed venues with an RSA online course

Are you one of those who aim to take a career in the liquor and alcohol industry of Australia?  Do you also wish to experience having fun while getting paid?   Surely, to work in a bar, or in any licensed venue of Australia is amazing not only as an experience but as a life-long career as well.

However, in Australia, before anyone is allowed to be involved in the selling, supply and delivery of liquor or any alcoholic beverage, he or she should first complete a training program.  This legally required training program is known as the Responsible Service of Alcohol course or RSA course.   RSA courses were put in place by the governing authorities of Australia to ensure that all employees are able to control and deal with all kinds of situations, regarding excessive alcohol consumption.

As soon as one completes and passes the RSA training course he or she is then considered as an eligible recipient of an RSA certificate.  This legal requirement certifies that you are able to provide not only an enjoyable environment for your patrons but also a safe workplace for your co-workers, yourself and the community.  The main objective of an RSA course is to educate you of your legal obligations and your responsibility of controlling the amount of alcohol your customers are consuming so as to prevent them from excessively drinking alcoholic beverages.

In most states and territories of Australia, RSA is an integral part of the hospitality industry.  It generally teaches you the following:

  • Ensuringthat you know how to refuse service of alcohol to minors and intoxicated patrons
  • Dealing with conflict scenarios
  • How to deal and handle intoxicated patrons
  • Accurate measurement of standard drinks
  • Information regarding how the body deals with alcohol
  • Provide customers with information about safe alcohol limits
  • Improve the atmosphere of the licensed venue

For those who are interested in completing an RSA course, you may do so by enrolling in an RSA course provided by accredited training providers all over Australia. These training providers offer the course both online and face-to-face, thus giving everyone who is sincere in taking the course a chance to complete it.  Definitely, national online accreditation is the easiest and fastest way of completing an RSA course.   Accredited training providers offer the RSA course for $60 – $100.  Typically, the cost of the RSA course depends on the training provider that offers it.

Before anyone is allowed to serve alcohol in any licensed venue of Australia, it is important that you acquire an RSA certificate first.  In Australia, it is illegal to serve liquor and alcoholic beverages without an RSA certificate.  It is also illegal for employers and bar owners to hire employees and staff who weren’t able to complete an RSA course and acquire an RSA certificate.

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